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This website contains references and knowledge bases related to storm and natural disaster safety and survival, including information covering tornado, hurricane, blizzard, lightning and similar storm hazards. There are also links to natural disasters including earthquakes, floods and wildfires. In many situations, survival techniques are common to all types of potential threats.

This webpage is intended as a "pre-event" learning guide and is NOT intended to replace immediate, potentially life saving information. During any severe weather or natural disaster emergency, please refer to radio, electronic device data, television and National Weather Service Radio. Although the Internet is a great source of information.... beware! In some events, Internet connections may not be available due to service overloads, service provider issues or power failures. Always have more than one source of information ready during any dangerous event.

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Surviving a storm or disaster!

The three basic rules of storm and natural disaster survival:

1: Be aware.
2: Be prepared -- know what to do.
3: Take action -- do not delay.

Remember, these rules can apply to any type of potential weather or natural disaster situation.

Hazards Index and Knowledge Base

Tornado safety & survival on enhanced and high risk days
FEMA Tornado Safety
Top ten US cities overdue for a major tornado strike

Lightning safety and survival

Hurricane safety and survival

Flood safety and survival

Dust Storms
Dust Storm safety and survival

Winter Storms
Winter Storm safety and survival

Wildfire safety and survival

Earthquake & Tsunami safety and survival

Children's Page
Storm & Disaster safety and survival tips for children