Survival Skills: Open Cans Without a Can Opener

In a survival situation, you’re going to need to prepare for anything. One of those things is how to open cans without a can opener. Being caught without a can opener happens to every one of us sooner or later. You forgot yours on a camping trip or the damn thing broke just when you need it. Once you have finished searching for the backup and the swearing that probably follows after you can’t find it, it is time to figure out another way to open your cans.

Fear not, you can actually open a can without a can opener just try one of these 11 methods and let us know which one worked for you.

It may seem hard at first, but with these easy steps, it will get much easier!

How to open a can with a machete

Take the machete and firmly strike the center of the top of your canned goods with it’s blade side facing up. Make sure you have good footing before doing this step!

Repeat these steps until the lid pops off or if after several attempts you are unable to cut through all at once continue on for the next steps…


How to open a can with an axe

This is a great survival skill to have, whether you are stuck in the wild or just want another way to open cans. It’s actually very simple and only requires two things: an axe (or hatchet) and can.

First make sure that your knife edge of the axe head is sharpened before starting this process! Then turn the can upright on its side. With one hand hold down firmly where you would like to cut into it; then strike swiftly with the other hand holding onto the blade end of your axe/hatchet at about 45 degrees angle above top rim of opening . If done correctly, there should be a large β€œX” shaped puncture around top rim area around circumference of can which needs to be pried up.

Then you can easily pry it open by using a screwdriver to catch the lip of metal, or you could use your fingers if they are tough enough! Note: please be careful when doing this as well as any other survival skill that involves sharp objects and tools because there is always a possibility for injury to occur. Enjoy!


How to open a can with a chef’s knife

All it takes is a little bit of preparation and some simple tools most people keep right on their person at all times anyway.

– Hold the knife with the blade facing away from your body

– Place one hand firmly onto either side of the can lid while holding down towards table surface

– Press knife into opening until pressure becomes too great for even strength of arm alone to overcome; use foot as leverage against underside rim of counter/table edge

– Pop open lid using knife as a lever against edge of counter/table.


How to open a can with a fork

– Place the can upside down on a flat surface.

– Hold the fork prongs with one hand and place them as close to center of can as possible, so they are directly over top of where lid meets metal rim.

– Using your other hand, press hard on tines of fork until you hear popping sound indicating that you have punctured side of the lid. *If this doesn’t work try pushing harder or using another spot near opening*

– Once hole is made use both hands to lift open end up and hold it away from you for cautionary purposes (there may be some sputtering). Then cut an “X” at opposite end by setting blade edge between two lips in rim and pressing forward to cut.

– Once open, lift the lid off carefully and enjoy your opened can! πŸ™‚


How to open a can with a spoon

A spoon is one of the most common items found around the house, and it has many uses outside of eating soup. Although you can use this for other canned goods like vegetables or fruit, today we are focusing on opening up cans with nothing but your handy spoon.

The first step to open up your can without a can opener is to place the end of the handle facing away from you, underneath where the lid meets at an angle pointing down towards you (at about 45 degrees). Once that’s done, apply pressure by pushing downward while rotating counterclockwise until it pops off; then simply repeat this process cutting along all four sides evenly to remove completely paint any damage caused by using force when taking it off.

If you happen to have a knife with this, it can also be used in the same way as described above; however, you will want to use caution not to pierce or cut yourself when opening up your canned goods since knives are sharper than spoons. There is another option available if neither of these options sound like something that would work for you:

This method requires placing the spoon into between where the lid meets and using it as leverage by pushing down on one end until it pops open. This process may take longer but usually comes out easier and cleaner than cutting off parts of the lid at an angle (plus, no sharp edges). Once again, make sure any cuts made around the outside edge do nothing more than remove the lid so no cuts reach the food inside.

When it comes to opening a can with a spoon, this is one survival skill that will come in handy when needing something out of reach or if you find yourself without any other resources available to open up your canned goods. Removing lids at an angle makes for sharp edges around the top edge of the can which aren’t easy on bare hands; however, using force may bend and cause cracks along where they meet causing them to be much harder to remove later on down the road.

There are several ways listed above how you can successfully open your canned goods without having anything more than what’s found around most households: common utensils like forks, spoons, knives or even nut crack

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