How to Make a Solar Cooker from Waste Material

How does a solar cooker work?

Solar cooking uses the sun to prepare your food. This means it can work as an additional cooking station rather than as a fire-place or oven. The solar cooker converts sunshine into thermal energy in radiating heat on the aluminum foil inside your panels. To get the most from your solar cooker it’s best to cover it with foil or other metal covering. This absorbs heat inside and warms foods more quickly. It holds food juicers and tastier and ensures that no fluids or aromas escape through the top opening. When you are not using this is best to store away from liquid substances that might damage the cardboard frame.How to make solar cooker from waste material

Take your eco-consciousness to the next level with a solar oven.

Solar ovens use no fuel cost and need no trace of electricity and are always available. Each hour enough sunlight reach Earth has enough energy capacity to meet any global energy needs for another year. It is easy to make your own solar cooker and you probably have everything you need in your home. The tutorial relates an easy solar cooker. We will use cardboard, but you can substitute wood for a longer lasting alternative. This oven is meant more for a fun bright day experiment for curious minds of every age and especially children. Put away your meal then take your time and come back to some good foods.

How do I build a light solar cooker?

One medium-size cardboard box, aluminum foil roll and glue are common enough. Once finished you should have two flat pieces with flaps attached to one end on your board and both pieces should have equal height. Draw a straight ray line on a larger part of each wall. Some of these line fold pieces but we don’t plan to fold them at the same time for now and thus we won’t fold. You can both have this product delivered to groceries. The grocer should always throw out the cardboard boxes that come in stock so cut off the opposite side of the box including the ‘

How do I build a heavy duty solar cooker?

The temperature of solar cookers must be between 250 and 350 to be effective. Solar cooking is the best alternative for cooking without conventional oven. Even for dinners with dark food solar ovens do exist. How can I make my own cooking stove in a solar stove? The guide also shows the easiest way to put your cooker together. We are glad to share with you in the video the entire cooking process with the complete instructions on how to cook them.

What you need to make a solar oven

Step 1: Design an insulation chamber to enable inner box to stay inside inner box. Step 2: Make a lid (with a flap) that’s suitable for placing over the main box. There is an opening in this opening and here it will be when you’ll set up your plates for cooking. Step three: Fill the box with foil to reflect light back and insulate by paper to trap the heat. Step 4: Put up your oven, and stir often as with regular appliances. How are the solar feasts? Check that the cover of the glazing provides light incoming in the window by way of foil.

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