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There were many lettuce products used throughout China for dietary health. The dried juice is used as a topical wound antiseptic. The seeds have been used as a galactogogue (to increase water circulation in nursing mother) It has been claimed that the flowers and seeds were effective in decreasing fever. Lettuce opium has been marketed as a legal high or narcotic substitute intended smoked alone or in combination with marijuana for enhanced potency and flavor. The juice of the stem produces a medicinal extract also known as thridace, whose Use and effects are disputed. In Europe it is used as substitute to opium in cough mixes.

In history

Egyptian fertility god Min is seen behind him in constant pictures with leafy lettuces. Augustus of Rome was known for cured of a serious disorder with an infusion of lettuce. Lactucarium was in common use as an effective headache suppressant in the mid 19th century. The lactucaarium industry flourished and became widely distributed as a remedy for cough suppressants and headaches both during the 19th and the 18th centurys as a magic element.

What is wild lettuce?

Lactuca virosa Wild lettuces are the herb that grows by streams near rivers throughout Austria France Germany and Iran. It’s possible to identify the wild lettuce plant by its green and sometimes purple stems and bright green leaves. The active ingredient contained in this herb is contained in a milky liquid with a bitter taste but no foul odors. Historically wild lettuce was used as the primary painkiller and diuretic treatment of chronic conditions such as kidney disease – uterine – contraction. A similar product is also used to replace opium in cough drops and to tincture throat pain, laryngitis, chest cavity pneumonia.

Wild lettuce look-alikes

Wild lettuce is also in lactuca genus and should also have mild pain relieving characteristics. Wild lettuce also has other likes: Sunflower Thistle (sonchus sp.) prickly lettuce (Cirsium arvense) and flower is purple. One of the easiest ways to identify wild lettuce is on spines at the midrib on the underside of the leaves. This coming summer I will attempt to take very detailed photos and to discuss the differences in the plants in Nature’s garden. There’s an excellent discussion on it and how to tell the two things apart.


Flowering lettuce plants contain large amounts of milky-white sap that has a bitter taste and a strong opiatelike smell. This material is called the lactucarium a mixture of chemicals in a mixture which the described narcotic effects of it have been ascribed. Lactucarium has been identified as having about 0.2% lactucin as a sesquiterpinoid lactone. The mixture includes a volatile oil, caoutchouc, mannitol and alactucerol (taraxasterol) Lactucerin is also present in the latex and the.


Contact Dermatitis 2015: we don’t forget this. Contact allergy due to Tinosorb M: not forget that we also have gumxantha. The case of salad shooters: intravenous administrations of Wild Lettuce extract. There are no associated vitamins found in using Lactuca Virosa in a salad shooter’s coughing coughs. Medic Chir Trans. I have just finished reading. These vitamins are not used in our articles. The case was discussed in The BMJ case rep. 2009;2009. Pii: epbb06.00144.


In addition reported mydriasis, dizziness anxiety urination lower bowel stools and hyperactivity in the sympathetic nerves were noted. It is suggestive that there is some mechanism against neo-cholinergic. Several deaths have been reported after veterinary management of an intravenously administered dog.

Terpene Profile

Herbs are analgesic and spasmolytic and may serve as a tranquillant. It contacts the sequiterpen lactictones lactucin and lactupicrine (lactucopicrine); b-amyrin, germanicol ┼či lactuconin and. Studies showed helping relieve asthma, coughing insomnia headaches pain, sore muscles and menstrual problems.

Uses and purported benefits of wild lettuce

Wild lettuce is known as an allopathic treatment of sedatives, pain relievers and hallucinogens. Many of these uses come from homeopathic medicine and were only recently investigated. Typically it is powdered and added at lotion or cream but is also boiled or smoked.

Adverse reactions

Not many studies exist to date which demonstrate an association between lettuce ingestion and the oral allergic reaction.

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Safer alternatives to wild lettuce

For folks searching for a more natural way to help pain and inflammation try more well-established alternative medications. For example, CBD oil is a non psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It has many health benefits. Other proven remedies that relieve and improve pain include acupuncture, massage and hot therapy. Wild lettuce is used by people in pain meds but little is known about the potentially dangerous side effects of fresh wild lettuce or similar products. Take nourishing whole body exercises like yoga meditation or exercise and not use wild lettuce to soothe the throat.


Usually Wild lettuce is used into herbal cigarettes as an effective nicotine substitute. One study compares herbal cigarettes with cigarettes in the form of tobacco. Even though these herb cigarette products did not contain tobacco, there was a similar amount of combustion in them than in cigarettes. The products of combustion can increase DNA mutations just as tobacco can and makes these agents potentially damaging. A recent study found it needs more research until it can be determined how effective and safe is leaf lettuce.

Pain and sedative effects

There is very little empirical evidence for the use of wild lettuce as a pain reliever. Apparently a daily 25 milligram dose of wild lettuce did less harm than 60 milligrams or a single kilogram of ibuprof. Nevertheless, the study shows no evidence to any degree of its effect on humans. In one study mice had been given wild lettuce and placebo for pain lowering purposes. The study was published in the journal Nature’s pharmacy Journal, published September 1 2009.

Other uses

Lactuca species have resistance against viruses bacteria and fungi (Bromyces lactucae) lactucin and lactucopicrin exert depressive and sedative effects. Latex of L. Sativa inhibits the growth of Candida albicans in vitro. Lactucarium contains no antifungal activity, no anti-tumor activity. It also can cause gross CNS effects in mouse. L. actuca is also known to be resistant to viruses and bacteria such as bacteria and fungi.

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